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Home Buyer's Guide

Home Buyer's Guide

Use this high quality colour book to build relationships with new and existing clients, and for lead generation. The guide provides an insight to the buying and lending process.

This high quality colour book can be used to build relationships with new and existing clients, and assist with lead generation. Ideal for first home owners, movers and those looking to buy an investment property.

The guide provides an insight to the buying and lending process which readers will appreciate. It’s full of information to help them make well informed decisions.  There are also flyers and vouchers to further promote your offering of this booklet.

For tips on how to use this material, please refer to the How to use section below.

Product Options

Home Buyer's Guide

Brand and personalise this product by including your company logo and contact details. Forget the ugly rubber stamp, reinforce the professional image of your business and impress your customers with this self-produced brochure.

The e-book is also available in the Free Resources section.  Customise the back cover with your contact details before sending it to your prospective clients.

Home Buyer's Guide

Home Buyer's Guide Flyer - 2 Designs

Brand this flyer with your company logo and contact details and use it as part of your sales kit when seeing customers. You could also distribute them to your referral business partners or use it as part of your local area marketing campaign. There are two designs to choose from.

Home Buyer's Guide Flyer

Home Buyer's Guide Voucher

Use the Home Buyer's Guide voucher as a marketing hook and get customers to contact you for their free booklet. Provide this voucher to your existing clients, distribute to potential customers when you meet them face-to-face or use it as part of your local marketing activities.

Home Buyer's Guide Voucher

How To Use It

1. Build relationships with new clients and show that you know what you’re doing!
At the end of your meeting, give a copy of the Home Buyers Guide to your new client. It will help you build a relationship and reinforce all that you’ve been talking about – making a good impression that you know your stuff.You can also email them the e-book version of the guide.

2. Run an advertisement or editorial to find new leads
Use our template advertisments or editorials in your local newspaper or community newsletter (local schools, social clubs, Neighbourhood Watch) to promote the Home Buyers Guide. Prospective clients who are actively looking for a home will be encouraged to contact you for a copy.

3. Ask your clients to refer you to a friend
At the end of your client meeting give them two copies of the guide. Ask them to pass one on to a friend who they know is looking for a property. If your clients are satisfied with your service they would be more than happy to pass it on with your details.

4. Make your referrers work harder for you
Make the most of your referral relationships by providing them with a set of flyers or vouchers in a counter stand which they can put on their desk or in their waiting room. This will encourage people visiting them to contact you for their copy and this could be an additional source for leads.

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