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This service is no longer available.

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Property Report

Property Report

The voucher and flyer are great tools to generate referrals from your existing clients or to discover prospective leads. This versatile tool helps you find out who is in the market for a home by helping your existing and prospective clients with two of their key questions – "How much is my home worth?" and "How much is the home I want to buy worth?"

The voucher and flyer encourages potential customers to contact you to redeem their complimentary property reports. In order to provide this report, you would have to subscribe to Residex and/ or RP Data.  There are a few packages to choose from and significant savings are available to PLAN Australia members.

To find out more:

Contact Residex on (02) 9954 1199 or email OR

Contact RP Data on 1300 895 015 or email

and mention that you’re a PLAN Australia member to receive your member rate.

Product Options

Propert Report Voucher

Brand and personalise this DL size voucher with your company logo and contact details. Forget the rubber stamp, reinforce the professional image of your business and impress your customers with this self-produced voucher.

Property Report Voucher

Property Report Flyer

Use this A5 size leaflet as part of your sales kit or local area marketing activity.  Brand and personalise with your company logo and contact details to reinforce the professional image of your business. Impress your customers with this self-produced leaflet.

Property Report Flyer

How To Use It

1. Run an advertisement or editorial to find new leads
Use our template advertisements or editorials in your local newspaper or community newsletter (local schools, social clubs, Neighbourhood Watch) to promote the property report gift voucher. Prospective clients that are actively looking for a property will be encouraged to contact you for the report.

2. Use your existing clients to generate referrals
Send a thank you letter to your existing client along with two property report gift vouchers to show your appreciation for their business. Ask your client to pass one on to a friend who is actively looking in the market. This will encourage new leads to contact you for the report.

3. Promote in your local area
Use the flyers to advertise to consumers that you can provide a free property report by conducting a letterbox drop in your local area. This will enable you to find out who is in the market to buy, sell or invest as consumers contact you for their free copy. You could also place these flyers at high traffic areas such as the local café, library or sports club.

4. Use your website to generate leads
Are you struggling to get visitors on your website to make contact with you? Add an offer for the free property report and give your online visitors a reason to call. You can then gather their details and set up an appointment.

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