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Keep up-to-date and know your clients, good CRM practice
Michael Veitch, Noble Financial Services

Michael Veitch from Noble Financial Services, attributes having up-to-date client information and knowing his type of clientele key to his CRM strategy.

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Focus and finding balance, key to customer relationship
Joe Zappia, Access Finance & Capital

Joe Zappia from Access Finance & Capital, believes it is not only important to have a CRM strategy to retain clients but it is also equally important to find a good balance between communication frequency and knowing which clientele to invest your time and effort.

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Raising credibility and professionalism
Tina Pupello, Finance Tactics

Tina Pupello from Finance Tactics credits the Home Buyers Guide in helping her business communicate easier with first home owners, raise their professionalism and establish credibility among clients for referrals.

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Engage your audience with a unique website
Paul Lambess, CVG Finance

Paul Lambess from CVG Finance, created his company website with one word in mind – engaging. Paul runs us through how he brought his website to life and shares some of the benefits he’s seen so far.

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Creating a website is not hard, simplicity is key
Richard Black, Territory Loans

Company websites can be seen as your virtual storefront and are important in promoting your business and creating your brand image. Richard Black from Territory Loans’ knew the importance of this and recently refreshed his company website. As a PLAN Diamond Sales Masters, Richard takes us through some of the key components of his website.

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Use property reports to keep client relationships going
Kathy Rogers, Financial Plus

The main way that we use the Residex property report is as part of a client review package that we prepare for our clients. This is sent out around the anniversary of the first loan that settled through us and is then followed through with a phone call 1 - 2 weeks later to touch base. The package is an impressive bound document that includes a Residex report for each property that they have financed through us, information on the loans that they have in place and other information and can end up being up to 25 - 30 pages long.

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Generate interest and leads with gift vouchers
Sarah Eifermann, SFE Loans

I currently offer the property report gift voucher as a giveaway at events for example at local sports clubs as a raffle prize. I also use the gift vouchers with my seminars to entice people to return the name badges I provide.

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Demonstrate customer care with property reports
Peter Baker, Riverside Finance

I have several methods in promoting this additional service:  
- complimentary property report gift vouchers
- placing an ad in my newsletter 
- promoting it as part of my sales kit for each new prospect.

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Diversify your business
Ian Pepper, Property Penguin

The reports are now a sales tool for me. I am permitted to provide property advice being a Chartered Accountant. The reports enable me to diversify my service offering and complement both sides of my business. I have marketed the reports through my newsletter and letterbox drop. I offer this service to my existing clients who are thinking of selling and I also use it to attract new clients who are interested in purchasing a property.

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Building referrer relationships for business growth
Barry Oxley from Lending Specialists

Barry Oxley from Lending Specialists, has seen the benefits of harnessing referrer relationships in growing his business. Barry provides an insight as to how he pursued this business relationship and methods in sustaining successful referrer partnerships.

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Key steps in building referrer partnerships
Mick McClure from Buyers Choice

Building referrer partnerships are never easy but with the right approach, attitude and perseverance, business relationships can flourish. Mick McClure from Buyers Choice shares three easy ways to approach referrers and foster a partnership.

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Dealing with First Home Buyers
Paul Irwin from Irwin Financial Solutions

Paul Irwin from Irwin Financial Solutions loves dealing with first home buyers. He shares his successful process for dealing with them.

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Using the Home Buyers Guide to Generate New Clients
Brett Wadelton from Pinnacle Home Loans

Brett Wadelton from Pinnacle Home Loans in Victoria, has been reversing the current economic trend, having doubled his business and gaining new clients using the Home Buyers Guide from PLAN Australia’s Campaign Manager. Brett tells us how he used the Home Buyers Guide to his advantage.

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Seizing the opportunity to attract First Home Owners
Nola Doswell from LCD Homeloans

Although the turbulent economic climate has affected the mortgage broking industry, Nola Doswell from LCD Homeloans, has been making the most of the current situation by investing in marketing to promote her services. With the RBA interest rate cuts and the recent FHOG boost, Nola has seized the opportunity to reach out and attract first home owners.

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