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Creating a website is not hard, simplicity is key
Richard Black, Territory Loans

Company websites can be seen as your virtual storefront and are important in promoting your business and creating your brand image.  Richard Black from Territory Loans’ knew the importance of this and recently refreshed his company website.  As a PLAN Diamond Sales Masters, Richard takes us through some of the key components of his website.

Having a company website helps create a professional image for any business.  In creating our website, we engaged an external web designer to help us with the task.  We knew the design should be user friendly, ensuring our users could navigate easily without too many click throughs.  We wanted to keep it clean and simple.

Although we had an online presence in the past, we have now updated it with a new look and feel.  Content will also be re-written in keeping up with the current market changes.  We’re making it a point to update it regularly, as old news is no news. 

Maintaining a professional look is important, however using images and simple animation makes the site a little more interesting and appealing to the eye.  Team photos are included to present our friendly staff members.  We also kept our website colour scheme the same as our company logo to ensure brand consistency. 

We’re currently using the loan calculators supplied by PLAN Australia.  This acts as a tool to engage users and provide them with handy information.  We are also trying to write more short articles to inform and educate them.  By doing so, it will help us raise our profiles as experts in the industry.  In demonstrating our quality service, we have our testimonial page where we post our thank you notes from our clients.

Overall, having a company website is a great way to refer prospective clients to your offerings and demonstrate your quality service and experience.  Having a contact us form is also important as sometimes, people are shy to pick up the phone and would rather email you.

In moving forward with our website, we will be looking at ways to capture leads.  Placing an online ad promoting a free copy of the electronic homebuyers guide or articles could be one strategy.  In planning for this year’s business strategy, we’ll definitely think of ways to utilise our new website in creating our marketing campaign.