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Demonstrate customer care with property reports
Peter Baker, Riverside Finance

I have several methods in promoting this additional service:

  • complimentary property report gift vouchers
  • placing an ad in my newsletter 
  • promoting it as part of my sales kit for each new prospect.

This tool works as a great touch point with my existing clients to see who’s in the market to buy another property or who’s interested to sell their home. Every six months, I use this as an opportunity to touch base with them by sending a monthly mail out with a free voucher included. I also encourage them to pass on the voucher to their other family members or friends it they do not wish to use it.

In order to determine if they are ready to proceed to the next step in purchasing, I always give my clients a personal phone call as a follow up. It gives me another reason to talk to my clients and for them to call me and seek my assistance and discuss the report and market conditions. I can share my knowledge about the industry with them and show that they are not just another loan I process and that I’ve forgotten about them.

The tool provides a means for me to demonstrate my customer care. My clients appreciate the report as they find it informative and use it as one of the tools in their decision making. I would definitely recommend this tool as it can be used in so many different ways to suit your own business and particular clients.

3 key benefits:

  • It’s a fantastic free value add for new prospects and clients 
  • A  good way to enable my research of a particular property when refinancing
  • Assists with raising my profile and enhancing professionalism with referrers and existing clients.