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Diversify your business
Ian Pepper, Property Penguin

The reports are now a sales tool for me. I am permitted to provide property advice being a Chartered Accountant. The reports enable me to diversify my service offering and complement both sides of my business. I have marketed the reports through my newsletter and letterbox drop. I offer this service to my existing clients who are thinking of selling and I also use it to attract new clients who are interested in purchasing a property.

I usually email the report to my clients with some narrative. I may receive questions back and if not I make sure I call them in a few days. The feedback is excellent and the data is extremely useful for my clients in assessing the sales price of a property. 

The Residex reports are an essential part of my service now. Not all clients use them, there are those who call and say they have bought a property without any help. But for those that like assistance and data to make their decisions, these reports are invaluable.

The reports are a good tool to differentiate my business from other brokers and banks. Providing property advice is aligned to the finance and cannot be provided unless one has the appropriate qualifications. My clients are delighted to receive the extra benefits with the reports. They also act as a tool that increases my dialogue with my clients.

I would recommend using the reports but I think they need to fit somewhere logical in the service offering of the business. You must have a plan on how you are going to use the report and be familiar of its content, which is easily achievable through training. Once this strategy is grasp it will allow you to differentiate yourself, increase the perception that you are providing quality service among your clientele and enable you to have a continued relationship with them.