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Engage your audience with a unique website
Paul Lambess, CVG Finance

Paul Lambess from CVG Finance, created his company website with one word in mind – engaging.  Paul runs us through how he brought his website to life and shares some of the benefits he’s seen so far.

These days, the majority of people will hop on the web and check you out before or just after they call you.  So we felt that our website should be engaging with substantial information about us and portray our professionalism.  With websites, if it’s not visually captivating with relevant information, people are most likely to leave quickly.

I’ve placed a video on my homepage introducing myself and the business.  We decided to approach Trends magazine and have an affiliation with them.  This enabled me to have content rich pieces that were relevant to my viewers. The idea also was to try and drive more traffic to my website through an established site like Trends magazine.

Showcasing some of our clients and the level of satisfaction they’ve received from us helps boost our image and credibility.  This is why we made sure we had a past project section with our client’s photos and loan descriptions.

As Facebook is now the most popular social media, we decided to have the option for people to share our website or add it to their Facebook profile.  Also, in making our website helpful, our web designer incorporated the PLAN Australia calculator which wasn’t hard to do.  In addition, our users have found Google map handy on our website as it provided directions to our office.

We have on average about 20 new visitors to our website a week.  Its only been going for about three months. This is with no marketing and without any Google ad words campaign in place yet, which we plan to do.  We have only had about 6 online enquires from the site so far. Quite a few people have seen the site and then have rung in.

For the year ahead, we plan to invest in Google ad words campaign which could drive significant traffic to my website.  At the moment, in our everyday practise, we always mention our website in order to direct our clients, prospects, referrers to our homepage as much as we can.  For example, if someone wants to know a principle and interest repayment we will give it to them but also say that they can “do it themselves” anytime on our easy to use online calculator.  Likewise for directions to our office, past projects, first home owner updates and the level of grant available.

I’ve found that having a website enables people to know you before they visit or meet you.  A company website is a great marketing tool to showcase your services and what you have achieved.  Most businesses these days have one and I believe often there are negative perceptions associated with a business that doesn’t have an online presence.