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The key to customer relationships
Joe Zappia, Access Finance & Capital

As standard practice I give my clients a phone call or pop them an email once their settlement or loan transaction has gone through. Clients always appreciate the personal attention that we provide as it makes them feel valued as a client.

I believe it is important to keep in contact with clients but it is also equally important that we do not become annoying as some clients do not want to be contacted. It’s also good to segment our client database and know our top clients, in order to focus more time and attention on them.

Here at Access Finance and Capital, our database is segmented into various client types but I generally focus on my equipment and commercial clients, who are multi-transaction clients. I also put into practice the 80:20 rule whereby I have facilities in place to look after 20% of my major clientele, who contribute to 80% of my overall business.

We tend to follow up with our major clients on a 12 monthly basis (or sooner) if they have had no activity in that period. It’s either through a personalised letter or a personal phone call just to touch base and see how things are travelling with them.

At Christmas, we send all our clients a fridge magnet calendar or other small tokens of appreciation, branded with our company logo and details, to stay top of mind. We also provide gift hampers to our top clients, as a thank you for their business and support over the year. Sending out a client newsletter is also helpful with customer retention.

Currently, I am sending a letter to my client base regarding insurance offering them a no obligation review of their current insurance/risk cover and to consider whether it’s still the right one for them.

Overall, in harnessing customer relationship it’s a matter of striking a good balance between communication frequency; sending relevant information at the right time; and adding a personal touch to show genuine appreciation to your client.