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Generate interest and leads with gift vouchers
Sarah Eifermann, SFE Loans

I currently offer the property report gift voucher as a giveaway at events for example at local sports clubs as a raffle prize. I also use the gift vouchers with my seminars to entice people to return the name badges I provide. 

At the start of the seminar I announce that a property report gift voucher will be given to those who hand back their name badges. That way, I get to reuse them for my next session. The gift vouchers are a good tool at expo’s as well. I invite attendees to leave their details, to be in the running to get a free report valued at $75, as a way of collecting their data for my email lists and also for possible new leads.

I then send out the reports through email and I call the client to make sure they’ve received it and that they understand the information presented. The reports provide the customer with a clearer and more knowledgeable understanding of property values in their chosen area and at times confirm what they were already estimating regarding the property price. 

This tool has certainly elevated my profile of being the local area expert and has raised my credibility in providing quality service. The report allows me to give a valuable gift, something other brokers or banks can’t really do and in turn, helps me build my customer relationships further.   At the moment, I am looking at including an ad in my next newsletter promoting the gift vouchers and I am also planning a mail drop as part of next my pull marketing strategy.