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Raising credibility and professionalism
Tina Pupello, Finance Tactics

As we regularly meet first home buyers, we found that there were similar questions that were always asked and by having the Home Buyers Guide with us, it provided the opportunity to communicate easier with them.  The guide also reinforces the information we give our customers and provides a good reference point for them in understanding what owning a home entails.

The content and design of the Home Buyers Guide certainly helped us raise the professionalism of our business in the eyes of the customer.  We usually provide the book upon our face to face meeting, and occasionally send the electronic version via email.  We try and follow up with a phone call to our customers in finding out what they thought of the book and at the same time, take the opportunity to make that next appointment.

By branding the Home Buyers Guide with our company details it helps promote our company further in the marketplace as customers might circulate the book among their friends or family.  As for marketing our brand outside the office, we usually have a few copies with our company name and details on it readily available at our preferred Financial Planners and Accountants. 

As 76% of our business comes from repeat clients or referrals, using the Home Buyers Guide helps establish the credibility of the business further and makes our clients feel more comfortable in referring others to us.  It's worth the investment and when combined with other marketing tools and activities, it helps promote our brand to a wider audience which in turn will lead to increase in business.