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Seizing the opportunity to attract First Home Owners
Nola Doswell from LCD Homeloans

Although the turbulent economic climate has affected the mortgage broking industry, Nola Doswell from LCD Homeloans, has been making the most of the current situation by investing in marketing to promote her services. With the RBA interest rate cuts and the recent FHOG boost, Nola has seized the opportunity to reach out and attract first home owners.

Nola gives us an insight to how she utilises the Home Buyers Guide campaign from PLAN Australia’s Campaign Manager to achieve this goal. Each new client which I meet is handed an information pack which contains an overview of LCD Homeloans, various insurance options available, a Home Buyers Guide along with a Choose Your Mortgage Broker Carefully (CYMB) leaflet to reinforce our accreditation with PLAN Australia. 

After attending Michael Firth’s session at the WA Members Conference, we now include a second Home Buyers Guide with a stapled business card and ask the client to pass one on to a friend who is also actively looking in the market. This enables us to leverage our new point of contact as an additional source for new leads.

At LCD Homeloans, we also place an offer advertisement on our office window, promoting a free copy of the Home Buyers Guide at our premise. Most of the time, new walk-ins are more than happy to provide their details to receive their complimentary copy.

We also feature a small advertisement offering a free copy of the Home Buyers Guide on our website, whereby with a click of a button, the client will send us an email requesting a copy.  We have had several requests and we follow up with a reply in gathering their details and trying to set up an appointment to meet them face to face.

The results and feedback we get every time we use the Home Buyers Guide, has been positive and the booklet has been received with enthusiasm. My clients are happy with the guide as it contains useful information in helping them with their buying process. 

Using the Home Buyers Guide has certainly generated new loans for my business, but more importantly it has reinforced the level of professionalism with the customer and this is something that we could not afford to have created ourselves. We really appreciate PLAN Australia’s efforts in providing these materials on Campaign Manager.

I would certainly encourage and recommend that other brokers use this tool as it promotes professionalism and quality in your service as well as reinforcing all that you have been discussing with your client, making you look knowledgeable and that you know what you’re talking about.

We have not used any print advertising just yet but this year we may look at running a couple of the advertisements in the local newspapers. However, we are about to re-order another 100 copies of the Home Buyers Guide as it’s an investment which we can’t afford to stop using.