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Using the Home Buyers Guide to Generate New Clients
Brett Wadelton from Pinnacle Home Loans

Brett Wadelton from Pinnacle Home Loans in Victoria, has been reversing the current economic trend, having doubled his business and gaining new clients using the Home Buyers Guide from PLAN Australia’s Campaign Manager. Brett tells us how he used the Home Buyers Guide to his advantage.

At a client meeting, I talk to them about the industry in general, lending, product types and a bit about real estate. At the end of the meeting I give them a copy of the Home Buyers Guide, which reinforces what we've been discussing – and shows that we know what we are doing!

More importantly, I also give them a second book. I ask them to pass it onto any perspective person in the market to buy their first home or their first investment property. I also ask that they don't keep me a secret! Both books have my card stapled to the front, as well as my contact details professionally printed on the reverse. The book is very well written and I highly recommend to them that they forward in on.

I usually find a week later I get a call to say thank you for the useful book - people see a lot of value in this book. Then during that phone call we would normally arrange an appointment.

If you look at what I've invested in the Home Buyers Guide against the new business it has brought in, you can see the real value of them. My business has doubled by using the Home Buyers Guide. It has certainly made a real difference.